Lumenis IPL Hair Removal


Stellar M22 Machine

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking unwanted hair? Do you dream of having smooth, hairless skin that you can feel confident in? If so, then Lumenis IPL hair removal is the perfect solution for you.

Lumenis IPL is the latest in hair removal technology. It uses intense pulses of light to target and destroy hair follicles at the root. This results in permanent hair reduction, meaning that you can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Benefits of Lumenis IPL Hair Removal:

  • Safe and effective: Lumenis IPL is safe for all skin types and can be used on a variety of areas of the body, including the face, arms, legs, and bikini area.
  • Painless: Lumenis IPL is virtually painless. Most patients only feel a mild tingling sensation during treatment.
  • Quick and easy: Treatment sessions are typically short, lasting around 30 minutes.
  • Long-lasting results: Lumenis IPL can provide permanent hair reduction, meaning that you can enjoy smooth, hairless skin for years to come.

If you are ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair, then contact Butterfly Aesthetics in Wakefield today to schedule your Lumenis IPL hair removal consultation. We can help you achieve the smooth, hairless skin you have always dreamed of.

  • Earlobes/Eyebrows/ Nose (price per £45.00 area) Single Session
  • Earlobes/Eyebrows/Nose Course of 8 **50% off** £180.00
  • Upper Lip/ Chin / Sideburns (price per area ) Single Session)    £70.00
  • Upper Lip/ Chin/ Sideburns Course of 8 **50% off**  £280.00
  • Upper Lip & Chin/Cheeks/Jawline/ Neck (price per area) Single Session
  • Upper Lip+ Chin/Cheek/Jawline/ £400.00 Neck Course of 8 **50% off**
  • Half Face/ Beard (Single Session) £125.00 IHalf Face/ Beard – Course of 8 50% £499.00 0% Off  Full Face (Single Session) £160.00
  • Full Face Course of 8 **50% Off** £599.00
  • Full Face and Neck (Single Session)    £200.00
  • Full Face and Neck Course of 8 **Save 50%**    £799.00
  • Nipples/ Hands/ Fingers / Navel Line / Underarms (price per area) Single Session   £70.00
  • Nipples/ Hands/ Fingers/ Navel Line/ Underarms – Course of 8 **50% off**   £280.00
  • Abdomen/ Half Arm/ Shoulders/ Chest/ Half Back (price per area) Single Session  £125.00
  • Abdomen/ Half Arm/ Shoulders/ Chest/ Half Back Course of 8 **50% off**   £499.00
  • Full Arms/ Full Back (price per area)   £200.00
  • Full Arms/ Full Back Course of 8 **50% off**   £799.00
  • Feet / Toes / Bikini Line (price per area) Single Session    £70.00
  • Feet/ Toes / Bikini Line Course of 8 **50% off**   £280.00
  • Brazilian / Hollywood / Buttocks
  • £100.00 (price per area) Single Session I
  • Brazilian/ Hollywood/ Buttocks £400.00 Course of 8 **50% off**
  • Lower Leg / Thighs (price per I £150.00 area)Single Session I Lower Leg/ Thighs Course of 8 £599.00 **50% off**
  • Full Legs Single Session £250.00 Full Legs Course of 8 **50% off** £999.00