Meet Aphrodite: Our RF Micro needling Solution to Glowing Skin

Patience is a virtue, and that much is certainly true when it comes to your skin. Whilst we all wish there was a fast, simple solution to fixing your skin concerns in reality it takes investment and commitment.

That said, radio frequency has been used for many years to stimulate the body’s natural skin healing process to give more youthful, glowing skin. When combined with micro needling, optimal results can begin to appear after just one month. So, let’s talk about that a little more…

What is the Aphrodite treatment at Butterfly Aesthetics?

The combination of micro needling and radio frequency is the latest solution in collagen boosting technology. The Aphrodite treatment at Butterfly Aesthetics is designed embrace this approach and make your skin look tighter, firmer, smoother and younger all with a minimally invasive procedure. Ultimately, Aphrodite is a great go-to treatment for skin rejuvenation and longer-term glow-ups!

How does RF Micro needling work?

Traditional micro needling uses fine needles to create tiny punctures in the epidermis level of the skin to trigger new collagen and elastin production. In turn, this creates improved texture and firmness.

The addition of Radio Frequency adds an energy to the procedure that’s delivered to the dermis level of the skin. The RF energy heats those underlying layers of skin, normally unreached by micro needling, causing skin tightening and increased collagen stimulation for anti-ageing results. Because RF energy is delivered more deeply into the skin, it produces faster, more dramatic results to the client.

What should I expect?

There are 3 key stages for your skin during and after a RF Micro needling treatment.

First, the skins inflames to help prevent cell damage and infection and to also remove any bacteria from the skin. Next, growth factors activate your skins fibroblasts to rebuild and produce new collagen and elastin. Finally, this new collagen matures and strengths to tighten the skin.

What areas and concerns can you treat with Aphrodite RF Micro needling?

· Face, Neck and Décolleté

· Arms

· Legs

· Abdomen

· Fines Lines and Wrinkles

· Acne Scars

· Loose Neck Skin

· General Skin Tightening

Are there any other benefits?

The additional benefits of including RF with micro needling include enhanced skin tightening, scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, reduced acne scarring and increased anti-ageing results.

How long does it take to see results?

We know that when the surface of the skin is broken with micro needling, our immune systems kicks in to heal and rejuvenate the broken skin. This healing process takes around 1 month to complete, at which point results become visible. For optimal, lasting results though, a course of 4 Aphrodite treatments is strongly recommended.

How do I book?

There’s never been a better time to book as throughout April when you book a course of 3 Aphrodite treatments, you’ll get a 4th treatment for free!

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