These terms and conditions provide detailed information for patients considering medical and cosmetic treatments with Butterfly Aesthetics


Consultation fees are as follows

Medical Practitioner/Nurse Prescriber £50

Skin Care Specialist £25

For all consultation only appointments booked, a non refundable booking fee will be required. The fee is deducted from the treatment should you wish to proceed. 


We do understand if patients have other commitments, but please provide us with as much notice as possible if you wish to rearrange an appointment. We reserve the right to charge for non-attendance or where cancellation is shorter than our policy regardless of the reason as we may not be able to fill your appointment time. 

Please find below our cancellation policy

(1) Please contact us directly if you wish to reschedule your appointment. You must give at least 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment and you can reschedule this once using your existing paid booking fee. We do not allow persistent rescheduling of the same appointment, therefore following a request to reschedule your appointment this must be booked within one month unless there is a medical reason (ie pregnancy/unplanned surgery )

(2) All booking fees are non refundable. A booking fee is only transferable for rescheduling your appointment provided it is more than 48 hours notice as detailed above. 

(3) A direct cancellation of your appointment is non refundable.

(4) A last minute request to change your appointment within the 48 hours of the scheduled appointment is non refundable.

(5) An appointment no show is non refundable. 

If you have a pre-paid course and you do not show or rearrange within 48 hours of your appointment, your treatment will be forfeited from your course.

If you have paid for a separate consultation, this fee forms payment towards your pre-treatment assessment and consultation with either our medical practitioner or our skin care specialist. If you are deemed unsuitable for treatment, then this fee accounts as payment for this assessment. Under these circumstances, it would not be refundable. Exclusion from treatment is for your own safety and at the practitioners professional opinion. 


We `re committed to providing a professional service to all our patients. We do, however, have a complaints procedure in place should you feel unhappy with the outcome of any treatment or service provided. 

Please send your complaint by email to contactbutterflyaesthetics@gmail.com.  We will endeavour to deal with any matters arising promptly and efficiently.